That's the bottom line. Everyone can hope for the perfect weather, the dress to stay clean, the DJ to play the right music, but none of that really matters. At the end of the night, you will get to walk away with the love of your life and that makes it a perfect day. So if you can take one piece of advice its that the wedding doesn't make the marriage.... that being said, there is no better time to have an amazing time celebrating and getting your groove on!

the 'MORNING of'

The stage is set: caterers are sorted, celebrant knows their cues, makeup artist is on their way and you have just woken up to the best day of your life. The only thing that is left to do is let go and enjoy!

We understand how precious it is to be able to start slow and ease into your day with your most special people around you, so we like to take more of a back seat approach during this time. This means that you get to focus on the things that truly matter... like drinking all the champagne and having a good laugh while we are there in the background capturing every gem. The best way you can help us is to have fun, sing, hug, cry, share inside jokes and have the morning you want because that will always make for the best photos.

AThe best way you can help us is to get ready in a tidy room with good window light. Not only will this help the makeup artist see your skin in natural light, but it will enhance .your complexion and glow on camera too.



If you are having an outdoor wedding, we would recommend getting married mid to late afternoon. The midday sun can be pretty hot, and standing in a hot suit or dress can get pretty uncomfortable. Midday sun can also cast some less than flattering light on people faces and the bright light means people may be squinting in the photos. In the afternoon the sun is a little lower and more directional, this makes for some stunning photos.


These days people tend to spend more time recording moments on their phones than actually experiencing them. At an unplugged wedding, you leave that capturing up to us, and ask that people don't take pictures during the ceremony. That way, when we get photos of your family and friends, they won't be hiding behind phone screens.


Getting photos with your family and friends is super important and we put a priority on this, but without a bit of organisation, the time can quickly ran away on you. We have found it to be super effective to have a list written up prior to the wedding day, and a close family or friend that knows everyone and can be assertive enough to gather the right people on the day. That way you as a couple can relax and we as photographers can focus on getting the pictures.

Bridal Photos

After family and friend's photos, we will normally pop off to take photos with you and your bridal party. Often the first part of the shoot is with the full bridal party, it can be a nice idea to organise some champagne and canapés to share in-between photos. After we have captured plenty of you and your full bridal party, we will split off and take the two of you aside for some couple photos... This time may be shorter or longer, depending on if we plan to head out again for sunset, but generally an hour - an hour and a half for on location photos is perfect. If you plan to go to multiple locations, we might need a little longer.


A lot of the photos you see on my website are taken around sunset, with beautiful, soft, directional light. If you would like the best out of your photos, I would recommend popping out for 15-20 minutes just before sunset to make the most out of the light. This is the time of the day when we might get a little more active, and flat shoes or bare feet might be a little easier.


We all know what a wedding is suppose to look like.... White dress, Isle with rows of seats, sit down dinner... But I want to tell you to throw the rule book out the window. Make your wedding day unique and make it you. Wear a coloured wedding dress, get married at sunrise, have a shared lunch, whatever makes the day most memorable for you, do that.


How long have you been shooting weddings?

A little over 5 years ago, I started photographing weddings. I am fortunate enough to have made it my full-time job for the last two years, and I love working in such a joy filled industry.

Who do you use as a second-shooter?

I work with a number of super talented photographers and videographers. While I can't say for sure who I will be working on your wedding day, until closer to the time, I can say that they will do an amazing job at helping to capture your day.

Can I extend the hours on the day of?

Absolutely. I want to capture the full story, so if things are running a little over time, I will always check with you if you would like to extend the time.

What kind of gear do you use?

While specific gear used isn't what makes or breaks the photo and video, I am personally a bit of a gear nerd and I am forever investing in new gear to help the process of story telling, that much better.

Can I order prints through you?

Absolutely, I am more than happy to order prints on behalf of you. I work through an amazing print store called Queensbury. They print with the most amazing quality on thick fine art paper.