So here's the deal. You may well know that video marketing is the bee's knees, giving you the best engagement, the highest information retention rate and a higher chance of closing sales. Basically, it's the perfect way to connect with your ideal cliental. But you may be wondering, 'What kind of video do I need? How do I get one made? What do I do with it now?'

These are all questions that can be pretty overwhelming and hard to wrap your head around when you are diving into the world of video marketing. By the end of this blog, hopefully, you should have a slightly better idea of where to start when planning your video, hiring a production crew and what to do with this new marketing weapon when it arrives in your inbox.

If you still need some convincing on Why You Need Video Marketing, you can read our blog on that too.

Know Your Purpose

The first stage of this journey is knowing why you want to make a video. There are a few reasons one might want to use videos as a part of their marketing journey. The first one is an 'about' video. This is a video that will be most likely live on the home page of your website, with the purpose of helping people to see a deeper look into your brand story, captivate an audience and give you the biggest shot at selling the experience of your brand to those looking to find out more. An about video is a tricky one to nail. It has to be long enough to give your audience an understanding of who you are, without going overboard and having people click out halfway through. From our experience, the ideal about video will sit between the 1:00 - 2:00 minute range.

The second video type is the 'social advert'. These can come in a few forms and a range of different lengths, but as a general rule, will sit within the 1-minute threshold. The main purpose of these videos are to be scroll stopping, attention-grabbing pieces of content. While a 30-second video might seem like an easy task, creating a video that stands out in the endless stream of marketing users see on a regular basis can be a challenge. Videos that tend to do well are ones that are fast-paced, comical or refreshing to see amongst other users content. These social ad's have a variety of different uses, from sharing to Instagram stories, posts, Facebook and Youtube ads and are often the most used form of video.

The third kind of video that can be helpful to small businesses, is the 'blog' video. This is a longer-form video with the purpose of adding value to potential clients lives and in turn, familiarising them with your brand. A blog video can be something posted to youtube, shared on a Facebook page, or on your website. These videos are generally a less polished video but can be just as engaging for the value you provide. Ideas for these blog videos can be product tutorials or everyday vlogs.

How to create a video

Once you know what video you are after, the next step is finding a videographer or production company to work with. Now, this can seem pretty overwhelming at first, but there are a few ways to go about this. Firstly you go the route of hiring a production company to do the full scope. You work with them to come up with a concept, then rely on them to iron out all the details that come with video production. This can be a super easy method that often results in amazing work, but can also be fairly costly. The other option is to work out all the details yourself, from storyboarding, to sourcing models, finding/hiring location and props, then hiring a videographer to shoot and edit the video for you. This can be a good way to keep down the prices, but also time-consuming. One of the most important parts of this process is storyboarding. No matter which route you choose to get your video produced, make sure the purpose of your video is always front and centre.

What Now?

Creating a video can be a pretty expensive and time-consuming process, so once you have this masterpiece, don't let it get lost in your inbox. This is just the beginning. With your purpose in mind, focus on how to best get your video out in front of as many people as possible. This might mean, giving it prime website real estate, spending ad budget on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram ad's.

Hopefully this gave you a good idea of how or even why to start your video marketing journey. If you would like to work with us to produce your next video, click on the link below.